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15 MUST VISIT Destinations - Best Places For Globetrotters
Must See

15 MUST VISIT Destinations

Paris? Prague? If you are a passionate traveler and adventurer, then you must have the opportunity to visit these places. But that does not mean that there are no other new interesting places worth to visit it.
As an example, we give you the following 15 epic places worth seeing:

1. The Republic of Mauritius

A wonderful small island in the Indian Ocean with turquoise waters perfect for summer sports, but also small local restaurants where you can enjoy the typical street cuisine and a little rum.

The Republic of Mauritius
“Le Morne Brabant” is a place protected by UNESCO that testifies to the unceasing resistance against slaveholding.
Here you will find a geological formation known as Seven Colored Countries.
And, you can enjoy a little shopping under the umbrella of the street with umbrellas.


2. Kazakhstan

The 9th largest country in the world is not only known for Borat, but also for the beautiful modern and traditional architecture, and the unusual wilderness.
The capital of Astana is even more commonly known as the strangest capital in the world because 20 years ago it was barely present, but in 1997 it was suddenly declared a capital city.


The Cathedral of Christ’s Ascension in Almaty was built sometime between 1904 and 1907 and is the only building that “survived” the earthquake in 1911.
The great lake that lies at the foot of the Tien Shan Mountains and is protected by UNESCO is the place where you will rest your soul.
And if you want to swim together with local residents, you should do this on the Caspian Sea.

Tien Shan Mountains - Kazakstan

3. Cyprus

The wonderful Mediterranean island was influenced by many ancient empires, offering interesting tourist attractions worth visiting.

In the port city of Kyrenia, you can cruise by boat, swim or dive and visit the castle.


Limassol, the second largest city on the island, will give you a unique opportunity to relax with seafood, live music, and good wine.

Kurion will offer you an interesting and unique view in the past of Cyprus.
And, if you want to enter deeper into the island, then you can go horse riding in the village “Pissouri”.

village Pissouri-Cyprus

4. Latvia

Did you know that Latvia has white sandy beaches, that Riga has been named as the European Center for Culture in 2014?

Riga City Hall has a cult house of blackheads that was built in 1334, then destroyed in World War II and rebuilt in 1999.


In addition to the Gauja River, you can visit over 500 cultural and historical monuments.
Latvia is also not a bad place and enjoys the warm summer days.

And, in the Kemeri National Park, you will feel as if you are in an exotic swampy fairy tale.

Kemeri - Latvia

5. Ecuador

Located somewhere between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador has mountains, tropical forests, beaches, volcanoes, hot springs and of course the famous Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos island - Ecuador

On the island of Bartolome, which is part of the Galapagos, you will get to know many endemic species both on land and in water. And you will discover what inspired Darwin to create his theory of evolution.

The Chimborazo Volcano is the highest mountain in Ecuador.
And, the historic center, Cuenca is another place protected by UNESCO.

Cuenca - Ecuador

6. Samoa

10 islands with volcanoes, waterfalls, tropical forests, natural swimming pools, and beaches. The To Sua trench is a place filled with natural rocky pools where you can enjoy a unique swimming experience.

Crystal clear waters are waiting for you on the island of Upolu.
And, for an impressive glimpse of waterfalls, you should visit “Papapapaitai”.

island of Upolu - Samoa

7. Uruguay

Uruguay does not get as much attention as its neighbor Argentina, but deserves. It is a small paradise that slowly, but surely, thrives.
You can take the streets of Montevideo.

Also, enjoy the eccentric resort “Casapueblo” in Punta Ballena.


8. Namibia

If you have never been to Africa before and want to visit this exotic continent, then you should start with Namibia. Here you will feel like you are the last tourist on the planet, and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy interesting national parks, unique wilderness, and sand dunes.

Lideric is an old colonial city of German origin where you will find a Lutheran church and interesting small village shops.
Or where you can enjoy the sandy adventure.


9. Guatemala

The old ruins of the Mayan reign are the main attraction here. Deep in the jungle, you will encounter the Tikal National Park, many temples, and fortresses.
Guatemala has equally beautiful and natural beauties like active volcanoes and lagoons.


Lake Peten-Itza will offer you crystal-clear waters.
And, if you are in for camping or hiking, you can visit the active volcanoes of Guatemala.

Lake Petten-Itza

10. Papua New Guinea

Just one glimpse of the waters of this country and it will become clear to you that it is a paradise on Earth with many untouched beauties.
The white sandy beaches are a trademark of the province of New Ireland.


The capital of Port Moresby is beautiful, but at the crime rate, it’s good to be cautious when studying.
And of course, here you can enjoy the sights underwater if you are brave enough to dive.

Papua New Guinea

11. Newfoundland, Canada


Imagine, kayaking over icebergs, snow ice, glaciers …
This country is beautiful as in spring, so in summer and autumn when the earth colors in red – yellow shades.

Newfoundland, Canada

12. Romania


Dracula’s homeland offers scary emotions and intrigue: travelers come here to explore medieval cities and sumptuous castles, including the one from where the inspiration comes to the famous fantastic book.
Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is renowned for its energy and good food.

peles castle-romania

13. Laos

Laos, besides Thailand and Cambodia, is another exotic Asian place worth it to find on your list.

Vang Vieng - laos
Here you can enjoy flying with a hot balloon over “Vang Vieng”.
Enjoy the refreshing waterfalls “Kuang Si” and discover hidden natural pools.

Kuang Si Falls - laos

14. Azerbaijan


“Untouched” is perhaps the best way to describe this coastal country between Iran and Russia.
The capital city of Baku has its own old city which has UNESCO World Heritage status because it is a rare example of ancient architecture.


15. Seychelles


Prince William and Kate Middleton were here on a honeymoon, so you know that it’s definitely a paradise on Earth.
Just imagine, private islands, small lagoons, crystal clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, cocktails under coconut trees or palm trees …


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